Rainy day thoughts


Photo by Nick Cooper on Unsplash


I haven’t updated in a bit because nothing has really happened.

I’ve been feeling in a rut lately, going about the same habits, revisiting failed attempts at changing my eating (low carb, no dairy, etc.). I’m realizing just how much harder it is to a) lose weight and b) change your habits, the older you get.

My sister and I often talk about the “all or nothing” mentality, which is definitely part of what’s holding me back. If I can’t hike up a 4000+ footer, what’s the point? If I can’t be 100% vegan, I’m not just going to cut back on dairy. If I can’t do everything, I’ll just do nothing.

In this age of technology, we all want instant gratification. Not seeing results immediately must mean it’s not working, right? The reality is that it’s the smaller changes that are most effective, and even though I know this, I’m still getting in my own way.

I’m going to focus on starting out tiny and plan for the long term. Going for a 10-minute walk every day is far better than doing nothing all week and struggling through a hike on the weekends. It’s like when I told my friend 20 years ago to put a couple dollars into savings every month. She automated the process and now has a much bigger savings account than me!

Baby steps. A little bit is better than nothing and will create lasting lifestyle changes.  Hell, there’s a little old lady with a walker that I see walking around outside every single day.  If she can do it, I should be able to!

I’m going to keep this top of mind going forward.

In the meantime, what do y’all do to get yourself out of a rut? I could use some motivation on this rainy day.